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This page was last updated: July 8, 2020
The Strawberry Basket &
Big Woods Nectar
12591 Aetna Ave N.E.,  Monticello, MN  55362       763-878-2875
 STRAWBERRY PICKING:  2020 season has ended.  Be Safe everyone. 

 BLUEBERRIES -- Next picking,, see above....   For everyone's safety and comfort, we are asking that (if possible) please leave your very young children at home this year.
Our field cannot accommodate strollers.    
 ** Before coming out:  Please read updated NEW GUIDELINES PAGE

  2020 prices are 
                $4.50 / lb - pick your own BLUEBERRIES - No pre-picked available.

  Another reminder:  Cash or Check payments only.  We are not set up for credit cards.  

  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.   ALL updated DAILY beginning June 10th.
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NEW GUIDELINES PAGE  Has been updated for Blueberry Season.

BLUEBERRIES -   Closed for the rest of the day.  More picking dates will be announced as the field continues to ripen further.  The Blueberry season is just beginning, in field is still ramping up to full production.  So if you missed our first pass, you haven't really missed out.  More great picking just DAYS away.  

We no longer grow raspberries.
Please read this page before coming out  for BLUEBERRIES this year.