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Our Website was last updated: February 24, 2021
The Strawberry Basket & Big Woods Nectar
12591 Aetna Ave N.E.,  Monticello, MN  55362       763-878-2875
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Welcome to 2021 everyone, and our "22nd season of growing for you.  Just finished checking on and supplying some winter feed to our honeybee colonies.  Currently running 14% losses, mostly due to small colony size, queenless, varroa or lack of food stores (honey).

Looking ahead, if all goes well, we should have 5-6 acre's of strawberries to pick come June.  Garlic scape's for sale come mid June at our Checkout.  Blueberries first part of July.  Limited Garlic bulb sales late July (see our Garlic Page for details).  Our own Locally produced Honey available year round.

See you soon,  Brad & Bess Munsterteiger
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.We will be opening up our Request page come June once we have determined that we have enough berries for both pick your own customers and pre-pick customers.  
.We will be opening up our Garlic Request page come mid June.