1.  First and foremost DO NOT COME IF:
           a.  You feel ill or anyone in your household feels ill.
           b.  You or anyone in your house had known contact with a 
                 COVID-19 Positive person in the past 2 weeks.

    2.  Pets are not allowed.

    3.  Our rows are not wide enough for strollers.  

    4.  Wash and/or Sanitize your hands Before & After your visit.

    5.  We do not take credit/debit cards at this time. Cash or Check Only.


    ​1.  Follow the signs where to Enter & Exit the fields at designated points.

    2.  We provided containers for picking and transport home.

    3.  Please keep your family unit together, respect others needs.
                Do not let your young children jump between rows.
                Also, running in the fields is not allowed.

    4.  Pick cleanly (all the red ones - not just the big ones) and only 
            in your assigned area.

    5.  Follow any additional instructions from Farm Personnel.

    6.  Do not walk your berries to the check out ahead of your car.
         At the check out, please stay in your car until it's your turn.

    7.  Please be patient.  We are doing our best.