Rocambole garlic is one of the most widely grown hard neck varieties.  It is a customer favorite, known for it's robust well-rounded true garlic flavor.  Our RUSSIAN RED cultivar is nicely balanced by a deep and rich flavor, with sweet undertones.  Quiet excellent in any dish where the object is to showcase the garlic flavor.  If you are looking for a roasting garlic, this is a favorite.  Rocambole's have loose skins and are easy to peel.  Bulbs can be large and characteristically have from 8 to 12 cloves.  The bulb wrappers usually have red, pinkish and purplish colors.   An attractive plant that has broader leaves than Porcelains, but do not grow as tall.  Only downside is that they do not store quite as well as Porcelains.
A large, attractive hard neck variety that grows lush and tall with 4 to 7 huge cloves per bulb.  Easy peeling with great market appeal.  Porcelain garlic also contains the highest allicin content (the compound that gives garlic its therapeutic benefits).  A great storing garlic - can last well into spring.  ARMENIAN is a flavorful, attractive Porcelain cultivar with white wrappers that are marked with a tint of red.  GEORGIAN FIRE, a native of the Republic of Georgia, consists of pale, brown cloves streaked with purple.  GERMAN PORCELAIN (also called German Extra Hardy), is a sturdy cultivar with a robust, hot flavor.  MUSIC displays more color than most Porcelain garlic cultivars.  The flavor is rich and strong but not overly hot; however, it is sweeter when baked.
A very attractive variety that has robust spicey flavor and usually has 8 to 10 cloves per bulb. One MN grower has had CHESNOK RED store for up to a year.  Another grower reports that it is as hardy as the Porcelains.
Savor the flavor of SIBERIAN, a large bulb originating from Siberia and Alaska that sports five to eight easy-to-peel cloves and a high concentration of allicin (a pungent oily liquid with antibacterial properties unique to garlic).  It has a medium to strong, hot-and-spicy flavor, however, when cooked, the flavor is mild.  A great selection for stir-fry recipes as well as for dips, sauces, and soups.  It can be stored up to six months if cured properly.