Big Woods Nectar
2016 Locally Produced Raw, Unprocessed Honey available by calling or emailing us with your order.  Our Honeybee colonies are located in our back property and near Maria State Park.  So Sweet!!
2017 Locally Produced Honey Prices

12oz Bear                    $4.50
16oz Bear  (1 lb)          $6.00
2 lb Bear                    $12.00
2 lb Fruit Blossom      $15.00
3 lb Skep best value  $16.50
Note - One of our Honeybee Apairies  is located on the far back side of our property.  Over the past two years we have never had issues with the bees interfering with your picking enjoyment.  If you are allergic or have other concerns, plan accordingly.  Our bees are most active between the hours of 10am and 5pm.  Remember, the best time for picking strawberries is in the morning.  We also plant all our open fields in pollinator friendly cover crops.  This year we have fields of Canola and Phacelia..