2024 Farm Status Report

1. Blueberries: Wednesday, July 24th MIGHT be our last day. We will be open for picking 7am-11am and 4pm-8pm

Blueberries are $4.50/lb...and we don't take credit cards.

2. Cut-Your-Own Flowers: Next cutting: Wednesday, July 24th: 7‐11am and then 4pm-8pm

3. Garlic: Available for purchase in August.

4. Honey, Lip Balms, Lotion Bars, and Beeswax Food Wraps, T-Shirts, Tanks and Baseball Hats are available year-round and can be picked up from our residence. Online ordering & shipping for these is also available. 

5. Strawberries: We are sorry, but our Strawberry season has ended.

Next picking: June 2025

Instagram, Facebook, and Threads are the Go-to places for quick updates and pictures.

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During picking season, we will update everything daily (more often if/when picking conditions/status changes throughout the day).


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Brad & Bess Munsterteiger

About Us

Welcome to the Strawberry Basket & Big Woods Nectar and the home of Brad and Bess Munsterteiger.

Our story starts in 1983 when Brad’s parents started raising strawberries in Freeport, MN.  Working with them, Brad learned the ins and outs of running a pick your own farm and he developed a love for growing strawberries.

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Our blueberry planting consists of some 1100 bushes with cultivar names such as North Blue, Polaris, and Northland as our mainstay, all developed through the University of Minnesota plant program.  Pick your own Blueberry season usually begins early July and lasts about 4 weeks.

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Cut Your Own Flowers

Brad's original plan was to only plant Sunflowers and Zinnias last summer. But, you know Brad, he got a little carried away when buying the seeds. He just had to buy a dozen or so other varieties to test. The test went well last summer. So, we will be doing it again. We have Celosia, Bachelor Buttons, Snapdragons, Marigolds, Zinnias, Sunflowers, and more.

Flower Cutting Details


Our venture into growing northern hard neck garlic began in 2019.   Our Garlic is grown organically.  We are currently testing 7 hard neck cultivars to see which ones perform best in our soil matrix and growing environment. Garlic is now available. We plan on increasing quantity for next year.

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Honey, Wax, and Wax Products

We currently have 3 apiaries within 10 miles of our farm. Our bottled honey is pure, raw, and unpasteurized.

Honey, Wax, and Wax Products


You just can't beat the flavor of Minnesota grown strawaberries. These are superior to what you find at the grocery store. After sampling one of our juicy, sweet strawberries – we think you will agree it is worth the trip to "The Strawberry Basket" in Monticello, MN.   Our fields are clean, straw mulched and full of very satisfied customers.  Our farm is professionally managed and supervised by a great crew of adults and teenagers. We certainly appreciate their help and hope you do too.

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